Australian Cosmic Connection's Statement of Purpose

Australian Cosmic Connection Adelaide was formed over 10 years ago and has evolved over that time.

I had a driving ambition to have the group as a place where people who had experienced things they felt where out of the normal depending on your perception of reality of course. To educate people on the higher realities of Ultraterrestrial /Extraterrestrial intervention with Mankind. My self I have had many UFO sightings some times with other people some times by my self.

Our main aim now is inform people that they have a choice with what energies they interact with for the greater good. In the past there may have been energies visiting this planet, which may not have had our highest interest at heart.

Of recent times with the consciousness shift of humanity we are seeing a manifestation of Divine beings coming here to help us remember who we really are.

I believe a huge consciousness shift is happening on the planet a spiritual shift of great magnitude

The emphasis for ACCA is to have good quality speakers, talking on a variety different subjects, which will enlighten and revitalise they way you view your reality. Love Peace and Freedom

Kevin Robb.

Cosmic Connection Group Photo November 2011

RIP Colin Norris Mr UFO Adelaide, Australia for over 50 years

As you said to me not so long ago If people only new!
You shared your love time and understanding you helped so many people.
You brought the subject in to the public arena.
When i asked for information you had no hesitation to give it freely.
A true Light Worker.
As you also said we must love the planet and each other.
Thank you for the memories.
Love Peace Kevin Robb Australian Cosmic Connection Adelaide

2012 End of year group photo




We have changed the format. Meeting doors still open at 6.30pm meeting now starts at 7pm sharp with open talks with every body 7pm to 8pm then guest speaker or movie night.

Donation of attending our meetings is $7.00


Australian Cosmic Connection Adelaide meets at the Marion Bowling Club, corner of Jasmine Avenue and Sturt Road Marion.

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Phone enquiries to Kevin Robb on 0406 362 340


Meeting dates for the rest of the year (2014):


Friday January 31st

Friday Febuary 28th Movie night Megan Hazelwood some of the best footage ever taken

Friday March 28th

Friday April 25th

Friday May 30st

Friday June 27th

Friday July 25th

Friday August 29th

Friday September 26th

Friday October 31th

Friday November 28th Christmas break up


2012 Multidimensional World Peace Conference

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